Before & After School Mt. Kim Martial Arts Burke offers not only
safe and fun taekwondo classes
but also educational before and
after school programs to support academic goals.
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[wpc_featured_box image=”1074″ title=”Summer Camp” desc=”Our professional staff at MT.Kim Burke work year round to help kids gain CONFIDENCE in themselves, RESPECT for the others, and FOCUS for life.” more_text=”More Info” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mtkimburke.com%2Four-programs%2Fseasonal-camp%2F|||”]
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[wpc_icon_box title=”Easy Drop Off & Pick Up” desc=”B4 School Drop Off time is 7:00 am. You can just drop your child/children off to our martial arts studio. Parents’ Pick Up time is until 6:30 pm.” position=”center” icon=”cab” color_option=”custom” icon_custom_color=”#777777″ icon_size=”70″]
[wpc_icon_box title=”Convenient Day Camps” desc=”Mt. Kim Martial Arts Burke provides day camps to accommodate teacher workdays and holidays throughout the school year.” position=”center” icon=”gamepad” color_option=”custom” icon_custom_color=”#777777″ icon_size=”70″]
TRAINING with us

Master Park has been instructing Taekwondo & Other Martial Arts for over 10 years

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[wpc_custom_heading heading=”Testimonials” colored_line=”yes”][wpc_testimonial_carousel names=”Frederick Goins,Mila Choei,Stephanie Hong”]Mountain Kim is the perfect place to learn martial arts. The instructors are very passionate and understanding of martial arts. People of all ages 3+ can enjoy classes. Kids learn valuable lessons about respect and honor, and parents can enjoy working out with their kids.

One of the few places I would highly recommend if you’re looking for a Tae Kwon Do center for your child. I took my nephew to Mt. Kim and he absolutely LOVED it! They not only teach kids how to use self-defense, but also the value of self-discipline and respect for others.

I highly recommend Mt. Kim Martial Arts! I sent my daughter for self-defense and self-discipline. She enjoys each class and learns so much from the masters. If you want your young ones to learn Tae Kwon Do check it out![/wpc_testimonial_carousel]

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