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Before & After School


Each student attends a daily taekwondo class under World Taekwondo certified master instructors, which develops self-defense, self-efficacy, confidence, strength, speed, balance, flexibility, respect, concentration, and a lot more. Mt. Kim Martial Arts Burke creates a safe studio environment where students exercise on clean, Olympic-quality matted floors.

Mt. Kim Martial Arts Burke offers not only safe and fun taekwondo classes but also educational before and after school programs to support academic goals. Mt. Kim Martial Arts Burke collaborates with a state certified teacher to provide opportunities for academic growth as well as engage students in many other activities, such as indoor games, team building exercises with supervised care. It is not just a day care center – students will have had a very productive afternoon by the time you are ready to pick them up! Enroll now and experience all the benefits of Martial Arts training with our B4/After School Programs!

Easy Drop off & Pick Up

B4 School Drop Off time is 7:00 am. You can just drop your child/children off to our martial arts studio. We will make sure to get them ready for the day and drop them off at school; we take care of everything for you! We also pick up our students from school and transport them to our studio whenever the schools are dismissed, including half-days and early dismissals. Students will be encouraged to finish their school work and read every day before and after class time. Parents have access to a designated text line to let their children know to get ready ahead of time so you can pick them up as soon as you arrive. Parents’ Pick Up time is until 6:30 pm.

After School Daily Routine

Students will engage in DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time, Math Booster time, homework time, and creative activity time each day before and after martial arts classes. Students will be encouraged to improve their reading comprehension and STEM skills as well as to finish their school assignments. Every student is given the opportunity to take part in games that teach teamwork, focus, and coordination while encouraging friendship and physical fitness. Students will also have snack time, board games or art & craft time under the supervision of a state-certified teacher. Our martial arts studio will be your favorite place.

Convenient Day Camps

Mt. Kim Martial Arts Burke provides day camps to accommodate teacher workdays, student holidays, and other closures throughout the school year. We provide a safe, secure, and fun environment to support the needs of both parent and child. Students will engage in Hapkido, Judo, and Taekwondo classes as well as field trips. Kids will love spending time at day camps!