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Summer Camp in Burke

Summer Camp

The professional staff at MT.Kim Burke works with children year round and are experts in their field. We help kids develop CONFIDENCE in themselves, RESPECT for the others, and FOCUS for school. Summer camp will be taught by our patient and enthusiastic staff, so you can be assured your child will be safe and well supervised, while at the same time learning and having fun.

Morning Drop-Off

Our camp begins at 7:00 AM so that you can drop-off before work. Not such an early bird? Our drop-off window extends until 10:00 AM, during which time campers can calmly wake up with unstructured, supervised free time. Campers have supervised access to our various board games, toys, and craft materials during this time encourage creative, unstructured play and develop cooperation between campers.

Exciting Physical Games

Playing Dodgeball, Maze Tag, Tug of War, and many other games is many children’s favorite part of the day. This time is a chance to burn off some energy, make new friends, and learn teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship. Our games are run and supervised by our professional staff who act as mediators, teachers, and coaches to always keep games running smoothly, fairly, and fun.

Daily Taekwondo Class

The heart of our program is our fun, educational martial arts class. Exercise, character development, non-aggressive self-defense skills, coordination, focus- these are some of the benefits of our program, and they all gained through practicing taekwondo in a safe and welcoming environment.

Daily Field Trips and Themed Activities

Bowling, arcades, pools, parks, playgrounds, museums, bounce houses… There are so many fun and educational field trips throughout our summer camp weeks. On days we don’t leave the school, we hold movie days, craft days, and other great activities on location. There is always something new to do during the day.

Relaxing Free Time and Meal Breaks

Between all the excitement, we add more times for campers to catch their breath and refuel. Extra free time, two snack breaks, and a lunch break are built purposefully into the program so that everyone can get ready for the next activity without being overwhelmed.

Campers must bring two nut-free snacks and a nut-free lunch every day (except on our last day of camp, when pizza lunch will be provided).

Professional, Certified Staff

All our instructors are certified by the World Taekwondo Headquarters and our staff members are First Aid/CPR certified. In addition, our staff is handpicked to ensure the whole team is dedicated to providing education, entertainment, and safety to all our campers.

Safety-First Facilities

Our facility is equipped with mats designed for safe falls in our work-out floor and child-sized furniture in our activity room. Edges and corners have child safe foam to prevent accidental injury. Our whole facility is cleaned daily to maintain a healthy environment. We run a Nut-Free program for the safety of our students.

Convenient Pick-Up

Parents have access to a designated text line to let their children know to get ready ahead of time so you can pick them up as soon as you arrive. Got groceries or other kids waiting in the car? We offer easy drive-through pick-up after 4:45 PM. Parents’ Pick Up time runs until 6:30 PM.